Pros and Cons of Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

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open face helmets

Open face helmets are generally lightweight, aerodynamic, and can be worn with eye protection or a visor. Many newer styles have a pivoting shield for ease of adjustment and removal, while vintage styles may be relegated to snap-on shields. Technical open face helmets can be SNELL certified and come with features such as ventilation and aerodynamics. A wide eye port makes for an excellent peripheral vision, and a chin strap is removable for easy removal when washing.

Luxury Fit At An Affordable Price

Despite their advantages, open face helmets have many disadvantages. Most riders believe that they do not offer enough protection, and this is one of the reasons not to purchase one. Some riders even question whether they are safe enough to wear open-face helmets. Some of these riders aren’t even aware of the risks of wearing an open-face helmet, and are concerned that it may not offer adequate protection. The truth is that open face helmets are often the best choice for riders who want to spend less but still get decent protection.

The Bell Mag 9 Sena is another great option. This helmet is both comfortable and secure. It also features bold styling and is compatible with the Sena SMH-10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset. Additionally, this open-face helmet also has room for an Intercom device. While open-face helmets may not be the most comfortable option for every rider, they are a great choice for commuting, touring, or as a daily helmet.

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