American Red Cross Youth Leadership

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The American Red Cross Youth leadership development programs are the brainchild of Bill Foster. Bill Foster is a former salesman for Holiday Rentals and currently serves as the Executive Director of the Youth Leadership Institute. As an executive of the Youth Leadership Institute, Bill is responsible for all aspects of the organization. He is in charge of raising funds to support the youth leadership programs and also oversees the hiring of volunteers. There are many wonderful things that Bill has done to help empower our youth. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of these wonderful works that he has done:

Bill has helped found and develop a number of youth volunteer organizations. One of these is the Youth Leadership Institute. This is a great program because it allows youth to have a stronger voice in their community. Youth have the ability to express themselves in a more positive and influential way, even if they are under the age of 18. Through this program, youth have been able to gain valuable skills and learn how to get involved with community service.

Another great program that Bill has worked on is the AmeriCorps program. This is a voluntary program that provides paid service time to AmeriCorps members. Through this program, AmeriCorps members are able to help countless numbers of people around the nation who are unable to find employment or pursue college courses due to various reasons.

The Red Cross is always looking for ways to improve their services to the community. Through a program called Project Fuel Relief, they have been working hard to expand their reach and provide even more service to people in need. This program sends volunteer AmeriCorps members into the areas where natural disasters are occurring. Once there, they help to set up tents, distribute food and relief supplies, and collect other essential supplies. By doing this, the Red Cross is able to help many people while at the same time expand their scope and reach.

The Red Cross Youth Leadership Institute was started as an alternative graduation program for high school juniors. The idea was to provide the young adults with a fun and hands-on learning experience. Since its inception, the Institute has evolved into a full fledged youth leadership development organization. In this process, trainees are taught the skills necessary to become a successful leader in their community. They are also given the chance to travel to various world cities such as Rome, Paris, London, Sydney, and New York to engage in real world volunteer experiences.

There is a myriad of other Red Cross youth volunteer programs that provide opportunities to give back to the community. All of these programs are designed to offer an experience that will benefit the participants both academically and socially. Through these programs, students learn valuable life lessons that they can use throughout their lives. After their service time is completed, students have a wonderful experience that will benefit them for years to come.

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